Specialty Color

The delicacy of toning with the power of blonde.

Create long-lasting, beautifully toned haircolor with an on- and off-the-scalp lightening system that offers fast and controlled lightening while maintaining the integrity of hair.


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Conditioning Gel Fashion Toners

  • Now available in 3 new fashion shades: Cosmo, Iris and Mist
  • Part of an ammonia-free and PPD-free toning system
  • Smooth gel consistency easily glides through hair for even application
  • Formulated to process at a slower pace, for long-lasting, full coverage tonal deposit
  • One toner can create mulitple shades, depending upon the lightener used and level of lift achieved

POWER BLONDE 9+ Lightening Powder
with Hydra-Protein Bond Protector

  • Lighten up to 9 levels and beyond with this powerful, dust-free formula
  • Deliver faster lifting + enhanced conditioning on both natural and color-treated hair
  • Hydra-Protein Bond Protector helps strengthen and maintain existing cortex bonds while achieving maximum lift
  • Soothe scalp and hair with conditioning chamomile and panthenol

Lightening Powder

  • Unique triple-protection formula made up of 3 conditioning and emulsifying agents help condition, soothe and protect the hair and scalp
  • Dust-free formula mixes beautifully to a creamy consistency that won’t dry out
  • Offers fast and controlled lightening while maintaining the integrity of hair
  • Excellent for both on- and off-the-scalp application techniques

Balayage Clay Lightener

  • Apply on-trend painting techniques such as: balayage, ombre, sombre, bronde and ecaille haircolor
  • Achieve 1–5 levels of lift with open-air processing, no foils necessary
  • Designed for freehand lightener application and creative color placement
  • Formulated with Kaolin and Amazonian White Clays, Keratin Protein and ECOCERT® certified/USDA Organic Patauá Oil

Conditioning Gel Toners

  • Ammonia-free and PPD-free toning system to be used following POWER BLONDE Lightening Powder
  • Develops long-lasting color that neutralizes, enhances, or cancels warm underlying tones caused from decolorizing
  • Gel base is formulated to process at a slower pace, allowing for thorough application and long-lasting tonal deposit
  • Conditioning panthenol and aloe preserve and protect hair quality
  • Intermixable shades allow for a variety of tones and customized blondes

Enhancing Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner specially designed to preserve and enhance blonde tones
  • Neutralizes warm/brassy tones in brown, blonde and gray hair
  • Gentle formula can be used daily for dark blondes, weekly for light to platinum blondes
  • Blended with moisturizing chamomile and grape seed extract
  • Scented with a soothing lavender and raspberry fragrance

A shocking series of pigment-packed, direct dye haircolors. Designed for the colorist wanting to create limitless looks and build their direct dye range, all while delivering the brightest statement-making shades!



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URBAN SHOCK Direct Dye Remover

  • This game-changing color remover utilizes water to help gently clear away any existing direct dyes in the hair
  • Removes unwanted direct dye haircolor quickly and evenly without damage, no developer required!
  • Easy-to-use formula only removes artificial pigment and will not lighten natural hair color
  • Fortified with avocado oil and Scruples Protective Barrier Complex (PBX®) to help protect against breakage and keep hair healthy
  • Gluten and fragrance-free


  • Color outside the lines
  • Choose from 8 intense, ammonia-free colors that mix to create custom colors
  • Utilize URBAN SHOCK Color Craze Pastel Mixer to dilute for beautiful lighter shades


  • 7 gel-based, direct dye colors in a professional 3 oz tube, no developer required
  • Brighten up the room with long-lasting, highly concentrated colors that last up to 25 shampoos
  • 100% PPD, gluten, ammonia, paba and peroxide-free
  • Encourage self-expression with intermixable shades and a clear mixer that allows for unlimited palette potential

Look years younger in 5 minutes with an ammonia-free, deposit-only permanent haircolor that offers natural looking neutral, cool and warm shades.


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MENZ 5 Minute Haircolor

  • Rapid 5 – 10 minute processing time to blend or cover gray hair
  • Process on damp hair for 5 minutes. To blend, process on dry hair for 10 minutes
  • Can be used on beard and mustache
  • Use alone or custom blend to make the perfect shade for your client
  • Apply as a full head application or partial in selected areas
  • Leaves hair feeling thicker and stronger

MENZ 5 Minute Haircolor Activator

  • Utilizes new technology which completely oxidizes the haircolor molecule in 5 – 10 minutes
  • Fully stabilized developer is recommended for use only with Scruples MENZ 5 Minute Haircolor
  • When mixed with MENZ Color Gel, a rich gel mixture is formed and stays moist, allowing for precise color application with a bottle or brush

MENZ 5 Minute Haircolor
1 Minute Stabilizer

MENZ 5 Minute Haircolor 1 Minute Stabilizer effectively eliminates any trace of chemicals from the hair following a MENZ haircolor service. It soothes the scalp, reduces color fade and imparts incredible shine.

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