Milano Moda

Milano Moda

European elegance meets bright color, bold cuts, and standout style in the Milano Moda Collection from Scruples.

Home to the catwalk capital of Italy, Milan is a vibrant, stylistic city known for its fearless approach to design. Scruples artists captured the city’s character by developing dramatic, showstopping formulas featuring Scruples’ creme color systems.

Coupled with pronounced cuts in short, medium and long styles, and photographed by North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) winner Jake Thompson, this collection pushes the envelope on international influence.


Creative Director: Mia Liguori, Scruples Co-President Creative & International Business

Session Styling: Katie Nielsen, Artistic Lead – Scruples Design Team

Haircut: Katie Nielsen, Artistic Lead – Scruples Design Team

Haircolor: April Godwin, Scruples Design Team

Jeffrey James, Katie Mrotek, Katie Locke and Josie Schuster, Scruples Artists

Makeup: Kumi

Photography: Jake Thompson

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